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Understanding your true needs
Understanding your true needs

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DesignDevelopment - is a young company that provides a full range of architectural and design services: from the creation of an architectural sketch project and design concept. DesignDevelopment does its best to make the customer satisfied with the result. We strive to ensure that you get from us a wow effect, and not just - work done.
Unlike a considerable number of competitors in Ukraine and abroad, our company can offer a truly unique and well-designed design product. From idea to implementation - we will help you solve your problems correctly and with an understanding of the case. Our task is to hear you, and yours will trust us. We invite you to discuss the details and to evaluate cooperation in the future.

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DesignDevelopment - architectural design bureau we provide a range of services for creating solutions in the field of architecture and design. A design project is a set of plans, drawings and visualizations that have been developed taking into account the features of the object, the customer’s wishes, standards and norms.

These are creative ideas combined with rigorous calculations. And we work in this area, achieving the solution of problems of any complexity. We provide services in architectural design, development of interior design projects, architectural supervision, identity.

Benefits of working with DesignDevelopment:

  • Architecture - Buildings and structures in Ukraine, small architectural forms and structures
  • Creating a master plan - Landing an object on the terrain, taking into account standards and requirements
  • Private house interior design - Home improvement to suit your needs, style design
  • The interior design of the cottage town - Creating a universal and functional design for residential complexes
  • Apartment Interior Design - Zoning of living space and individual creation of atmosphere
  • Townhouse interior design - Understanding the characteristics of this type of housing and the realization of your desires
  • Office interior design - Convenient and comfortable working atmosphere for your specialists
  • Coworking interior design - Realizing a new kind of space with a modern and professional approach
  • Hotel interior design - For the convenience and comfort of the visitor, as well as an understanding of the new trends in this area
  • Store interior design - The rapid development of retail forces to be on the same wavelength with global brands
  • Cinema interior design - Includes both the creation of an appropriate atmosphere and the consideration of technical requirements
  • Shopping centers interior design - Comprehensive solution, as there are specifics in designing spaces with a large flow of people
  • Bar interior design - In small things and in the atmosphere, from small to large, we use both unique and typical solutions
  • Hookah interior design - In traditional and modern styles, as the main institution, and additional space
  • Nightclub Interior Design - Lighting and zoning play an important role in nightlife
  • Restaurant Interior Design - In which we will help realize the most ambitious gastronomic ideas
  • Cafe interior design - Light and unobtrusive or atmospheric and memorable
  • Beauty salon interior design - Where is the emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness in the complex to a pleasant atmosphere
  • Spa interior design - Can be a business card of the whole complex or a separate structure
  • Interior design of sports clubs - Proper distribution of space and division into correct functional areas
  • Project Visualization - Accurate representation of the future project with subject and materials
  • Designer supervision - Transfer of obligations to the subcontract for competent distribution of finance and time
  • Redesign - Find solutions for new tasks using existing space
  • Identity - Graphic work with brands, logos and corporate identity

These are creative ideas combined with rigorous calculations. And we work in this area, achieving the solution of problems of any complexity. We provide services in architectural design, the development of interior design projects, author supervision, and identity. Advantages of cooperation with DesignDevelopment:

Modern solutions from the progressive team. We offer ideas of design and architecture that will remain relevant for a long time.

  • Professional experience that allows you to implement complex solutions. We do not only “beautifully”, but also competently, practical.
  • Realizing customer needs. We try our work to solve your business problems and take into account personal plans.

DesignDevelopment specialists design spaces for work, life and development. Our ideas are perfect for every customer. We practice an individual approach, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the result and compliance with the context: the economy, standards, social norms. You can order a design, an architectural project, a general plan in Ukraine by filling out an application on our website or by contacting available contacts.