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Creating a master plan

The implementation of your requirements in the master plan

The development of the master plan is the embodiment of the requirements for convenience and the interaction of the object with the environment, which exactly corresponds to the standards and requirements of the legislation. Master plan design is the first stage of building planning. In our work, we achieve perfect compliance with the rules and regulations.

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Creating a master plan


The Process of creating a master plan is extremely complex and requires special professionalism. It is very important in the course of work to use professional qualities and resources that will allow you to perform the most qualitative project (the price will pleasantly surprise), in accordance with the requirements. The master plan is a document (passport) of a particular type of object, which is the basis and permission for construction. Only after the master plan is fully prepared, it is possible to start construction, and otherwise — you will not be able to do it officially.

If you want to order a master plan, it is important to know that it includes such data as the exact location of the structure, information about the terrain and landscaping, the availability of communications, reference to the nearest buildings, roads and other information that relates to your future facility. Development of the General plan in Kiev should be carried out in accordance with the established requirements and standards of the state, otherwise it will be impossible to obtain permits.

It Should be noted that the owner also does not have the right to carry out various legal matters until this document is developed. In this regard, we can talk a lot about its importance. If you want the master plan, the cost of which is reduced, to be created in accordance with the established requirements at the legislative level — please contact DesignDevelopment company, which offers you:

  • Maximum available price policy;
  • Best and individual terms of cooperation;
  • High professionalism and great experience;
  • Qualified employees.

During the development of technical documentation, we carefully analyze all the necessary factors that in one way or another may affect the further operation of the facility. In this regard, there is no risk that you will face difficulties. You do not have to worry about that you need to collect a large package of documents, as we will take care of these troubles. The designdevelopment company will do everything possible to order the master plan in the capital quickly and conveniently, and the result satisfied the client.

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