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interior Design

Close cooperation with the client and hard work on the project of the whole team, helps to create a realistic project, take into account all the wishes of the customer. Our design project is very detailed and accurately describes all the details of the project and consists of 16 sections and more than 60 items. Design project documentation package contains:

  • 3D visualization of all rooms;
  • measuring plan;
  • dismantling plan;
  • installation plan;
  • furniture arrangement plan;
  • redevelopment plan;
  • plumbing plan;
  • floor and ceiling plan;
  • ceiling cuts;
  • lighting group plan;
  • socket placement plan;
  • power shield scheme;
  • scheme of doorways;
  • wall naming plan;
  • sweep on walls;

implementation Period: from 30 working days. Price: from $ 35 per sq. m.


Based on modern construction technologies, we offer our customers the best solutions. Working documentation package includes:


  • explanatory note;
  • situational scheme;
  • master plan;
  • facades in axes;
  • masonry plan;
  • furniture arrangement plan;
  • sections;
  • roof plan;
  • scheme and composition of the floor;
  • junction nodes;
  • scheme of ventilation shafts;
  • volumes of building materials;
  • scheme and statement of facades;
  • specification of window and door openings.


  • General data;
  • calculation and layout of foundations;
  • sections;
  • overlap scheme;
  • monolithic plots;
  • scheme of roof truss system;
  • structural units and parts;
  • specification;
  • exterior renderings.

Cost:$ 2 per sqm


We supervise the implementation of the project, controlling all stages of work — from rough to decoration. We ensure compliance with the final result of the project.

Supervision includes:

  • control of project implementation by the author, site visit;
  • setting tasks for project implementation;
  • joint selection of materials, furniture, interior items with the customer;
  • control and acceptance of works at all stages of repair and construction.

Price: $500 per month.